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Annual Report 2015-2023

Words from A Content Specialist


How to summarise 8.5 years of work, life and everything in between – in a onepager? Well, I’ll do my very best. I started at Comprend as an annual reports project manager, and obviously, digital reports and corporate communication stuck to me. Since then I’ve had six more roles (not counting a vast variation of Party General roles and such) and the privilege of working with more than a hundred talented, caring and fun colleagues throughout the years. Many have said it before, but since it is so very true I’ll say it too: it’s the people of Comprend that is the bee’s knees.

As everywhere, and in life, there have been ups and downs. And changes. Changes of organisation, teams, leaders, offices, ways of working, PPT templates etc. I thought of myself as being a person that did not like change, but hey – I’m still standing! And here I am, initiating a very big change in moving to the next step in my career. It was a very difficult decision, but I concluded that fear of change should not be the thing holding me back.

So wish me luck, take care and keep in touch! Thank you ❤

Quick facts

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What others think

”Lorraine is a favourite colleague who, with a big heart and sharp mind, always gives both customers and colleagues a knowledgeable, professional and warm treatment. She strongly contributes to a positive workplace culture and the fact that she firmly protects the correct use of the Swedish language (we are a dying crowd who still does) is also admirable.”

Charlotte Naversten
Business Developer and Content Strategist

”Lorraine is one of the colleagues that has this greater positive influence on my everyday life at work. It is her kindness and humour mixed with vast work experience and deep knowledge that makes me look very much forward to every time we’ve got common projects and joint tasks.”

Berulv Tøndel
Business Developer


Highlights and key achievements

Winner of Comprend Julrim™️ 2016

”Shit in, shit out.”

Became an adult

Got married. Moved to a house. Had a child.

Crashed AR tool Siteplanner

To many times…

Gained friends for life

We are family!

”Comprend values and culture role model”

Really proud of that

Co-founder of GT-vagnen™️


Third time SV20 mover in

Will there be a fourth?

Graduated from elevator therapy

8 floors steps was good exercise though.

Started a web shop

Thank God I had devs that could help!

Seen (and unseen!) video footage of

A consultant in action

Where to next

I’ll be working as IR communication specialist at Sciety – an investment company within life science and digital health.